Read what Bee House Hives Balm users have to say:

"My husband is an electrician and artist - pulling wire and finessing paint onto a canvas. I am a gardener and seamstress - pulling weeds and finessing fabric through a machine. Sarah’s hand balm is an indispensable item in our lives. We keep a bar in the work van, a bar in the car and one in the kitchen. Our dry, tired hands are thankful!" (Our kids love it too - we regularly apply to their chilly, chapped winter cheeks)

-Niki Holt-Cline | Seamstress 

-Andy Cline | Electrician


"I absolutely love my lotion bar!  As a  hairdresser, my hands are constantly in water and dry out to the point where they are white and cracked.  This bar is magic!  Not only does it moisturize, it forms a light wax barrier that prevents water from getting in and drying out my skin further.  A must have in the winter, or after folding laundry.  It makes a great unique gift that friends and family will love!!"

-Rita Becker | Hairdresser 


"Dragging a string of mules through The Bob all summer wicks the moisture out of my mitts until they’re as dry as the trail itself. I had the pleasure of testing out the Bee House Hives Hand Balm last year and I was impressed with it’s ability to rejuvenate my hands even at the end of 30 miles on the trail. I definitely recommend it."

-Chris Eyer | Packer in The Bob Marshall Wilderness


"I've tried other hand balms and Sarah's is the best for my overworked potter's hands. It is soothing and rich and the best part is how quickly it absorbs and leaves no trace of greasy residue. She should probably rename it  'body balm' because it really is great on legs and arms as well."

-Heidi Haugen | Potter


"Disclaimer: Sarah is my aunt but this balm can speak for itself!  I have been using the balm since Sarah started making it and I have tried a variety of recipes for it.  She has now perfected the recipe and I can't sing the praises of the balm enough.  I have never been one to wear lotion but I'm in love with this balm.  I spend my summers working for the Forest Service and I put my body and gear to the test.  While I do have a balm for my hands, I also have one for my boots.  The balm is small, yet it can soften and treat a pair of White's boots in no time. Needless to say, when I'm on fire assignments, I make sure to have a balm with me.  It seems like a small thing, but when your hands feel like the desert and your boots look just as bad, this balm gets the job done."

-Madison Stolte | Outdoor enthusiast


Bee House Hives Hand Balm can be purchased at the Polebridge Mercantile in Polebridge, Montana.